The Sindhi Festival


Thadri Food Recipes: The food cooked is as follows:

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1) Lolo : Jaggery sweetened whole wheat flat bread.


2) Koki

Savory whole wheat roti spiced with onions, chillies, coriander leaves, dried pomegranate seeds etc.

3) Besani : Same as Koki, but here, gram flour is used instead of whole wheat flour

4) Dal paata: Mung dal stuffed paratha.

To make dal paata phulka, rinse well and soak moong dal for an hour. Drain and roast slightly with some oil in a pan, add salt, turmeric powder and green chillies (optional) and boil in little water till al dente. Drain if there is any excess water. You can add a tempering of cumin seeds, coriander powder and red chili powder and add some amchoor too. Cool properly and use this to make stuffed parathas, the way aloo parathas (or any other stuffed paratha ) are made, using whole wheat flour dough.

Around 1 cup of dal is needed to make 4-5 parathas.

Apart from the flatbreads, fried vegetables like Okra, potatoes etc are also made.

Urad dal vada are made and are added to beaten curds to make dahi vada on Gogo. Many prefer boondi raita over dahi vada.

Some make fritters ( mostly Mirchai pakora i.e Chilli fritters are preferred) while other cook subzis with better shelf life. Stir fried methi, spinach etc are often made for the occasion, along with stuffed bitter gourds.

Green chutney, boiled potatoes, beetroot, bread etc are kept handy for those who cannot consume the heavy food for all the three meals and vegetarian sandwich is a nice option for them as it involves no cooking.
Pickles and home set curds are mostly had on this day to add to the probiotic quotient of the food.

Khatto bhat~u or Kanbo bhat~u  is also made in some homes, for this festival. It is basically boiled rice, cooled and mixed with some milk and curd starter (jaaman) along with a little of mustard powder. The mix is allowed to set overnight and is had in the morning, with some fresh curds and a garnish of mustard and pepper powder.

In many families the food for Vadhi Satain is fried and not cooked. Gach (Fried Lola Quarters), besani (besan dough made with salt, turmeric, chilli powder and ghee) is  cut in various shapes (circle. Triangle, heart shaped) and fried. Many make Nankhatai too.

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